Yoga Flow…

Yoga flow classes combining Hatha, Vinyasa and Restorative yoga styles, along with mindful awareness, breath work and meditation to develop strength, flexibility, self awareness and calm.

1. Flow with Breath

The breath helps us move and our movement helps us breathe.

2. Simple Flow

Restore the mind back to simplicity and peace.

3. Back to Basics

Discover the possibilities of a ‘beginners mind’.

4. Breathe and Flow

When we steady the breath, we steady the mind. 

5. Gentle Flow Yoga

Move slowly and be gentle, don’t force or judge, just be.

6. Yoga for Posture

Enhance your mood, reduce pain and breath better.

7. Hip Opening Flow

Happy hips = happy mind

8. Wake Up Flow

Cultivate awareness, refresh and renew.

9. Mindful Flow

Discover the peace  that comes with arriving in the moment.

10. Yoga for Core Strength

Your spine. Strong, protected and alive.

11. Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

Let’s enjoy the journey to touching our toes.

12. Yoga for Lower Back Release

A gentle flow to create space and ease in the lower spine.

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