Do you have Spotify?* 

If so, then you’re set! Browse all playlists to find the perfect playlist for your gentle flow, strong flow or HIIT class and scroll down for our recommendations!

*Playlists are only available via Spotify, if you don’t have an account, you can still listen to playlists with adverts.

Fresh Yoga Flow

Relaxed yoga beats for a seamless, chilled yoga flow.


Mindful Yoga

A gentle flow of instrumental music and sounds to help focus and calm. 



Beautiful mantra by Julia Elena. Perfect for focused meditation or yoga class.


Summer Yoga Flow

Chilled beats with a summer feel, perfect for any yoga flow.


Balance Flow

Constant flow beats, to bring your yoga, Pilates and tai chi moves together. 


Flower Yoga

Relaxing background music for a calm and focused yoga class. 



Fast, energy boosting punk rock playlist for high intensity classes!


HIIT Dance

Drum & bass and chart music to help push your limits in the fitness studio! 

Core Indie

Continuous indie rock beats to motivate you through your strong core class.


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