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Yoga retreats and classes, fitness classes and personal training. Join us in Dorset & Hampshire for half and full DAY RETREATS to immerse yourself in an entire morning or day of self-care, flow and relaxation in beautiful forest locations…or, flow and workout at home by visiting our ONLINE STUDIO – it’s completely FREE!

About Me

Hi I’m Natalie and I’ve been teaching yoga since 2015. I started yoga to ease my back pain and began a mindfulness practice shortly after as I learned the importance of our mind-body connection. I’m forever exploring how yoga can positively influence all aspects of my life.

My Passion

Movement and mindset! We were born to move and breathe freely. Yoga teaches us to move mindfully and to return to stillness and calm. I believe in taking time for ourselves and shifting our mindset to begin living happier and healthier lives.

My Mission

To provide transformational yoga retreats to people who struggle with stress and finding time for themselves. My intention is to create a safe space for people to move and breathe mindfully, release tension, get stronger and most importantly, learn to slow down and rest.

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