Gentle Yoga…

Gentle restorative yoga classes, combining mindful movement and relaxation designed to increase mobility, reduce pain and encourage a sense of calm and clarity.

1. Mobility

Slow, gentle movements designed to create freedom in the joints to help reduce stress and move with ease.

2. Focus

Combine meditation with movement, feel every sensation to develop awareness and connection.

3. Breathe

Discover the power of your breath in your practice. Return to your breath, return to the present, feel complete.

4. Calm

Let’s develop calm and a better sense presence using the power of our breath and gentle movements.

5. Strength

A gentle class combining mindful flow and some strength work for the core, shoulders and legs.

Online Yoga Studio

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Online Fitness Studio

Why not visit the Fitness Studio? Your space to jump, punch and sweat your way towards greater confidence, fitness, energy and mood! Whatever your goals, start here! 

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