Mini Flow…

Short, focused yoga flow classes. Skip straight to the flow, hone in on your intention and give the mind and body what it needs. Perfect preparation for guided meditation or short flow to start your day.

1. Quick Flow

(25 mins)

3 sun salutation sequences to open up the whole body.

2. Wake Up Flow

(35 mins)

Wake up the spine with deep breathing and sun salutations.

3. Heart Opening Flow

(20 mins)

Flow with back bends to open the heart and strengthen the back.

4. Energy Boost Flow (20 mins)

Get the blood flowing and feel alive with this powerful flow sequence.

5. Twist Flow


Free up tension in the spine with this twist inspired vinyasa flow.

6. Chill Flow


A slow, relaxed flow freeing space for more breath and release.

7. Unwind Flow

(30 mins)

Remove the kinks from the spine with this seamless, gentle flow.

8. Mindful Yoga

(20 mins)

A short moving meditation, become present with the body and breath.

9. Spinal Mobility 

(20 mins)

Breathe and flow your way to a happy, healthy spine.

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