What Is Mindful Earth’s Online Studio?

Mindful Earth is an online platform providing access to a library of Yoga and Fitness classes for anyone and everyone to enjoy, complete FREE, anytime, anywhere.

Do I Need Any Equipment?

A yoga mat will be helpful, other props e.g. blocks, blankets, straps are optional. Fitness classes are bodyweight, so no equipment is needed! With the exception of Bootcamp where you have the option to add a weight if you wish. 

How Many Classes Are There?

There are currently over 100 classes live across the online studios with more classes arriving regularly.

What Classes Are Available?

In the Yoga Studio: Yoga Flow, Yoga Fusion, Mini Flows, Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga and Guided Meditations.

In the Fitness Studio: HIIT Training, Strong Core, Box FIIT and Bootcamp.

How Do I Book A Mindful Earth Retreat?

Click HERE. You will have to create a ‘Booking Hawk’ account first, then book away.

Are Beginners Welcome?

Of course! Natalie’s Retreats are mixed ability because no two body’s are the same. Options are always given and a huge focus on moving mindfully and in a way that FEELS good not LOOKS good.

What If I’ve Never Done Yoga Before?

Then give it a go! Yoga is a mindful practice accessible to anyone. It’s all about how it FEELS not how it LOOKS. Start with the gentle classes, move slowly and with awareness, give yourself permission to just be with your body and breath. There is no right or wrong.

What Should I Wear?

Whatever is comfortable and you can move in easily. Maybe yoga leggings or tracksuit bottoms. It’s important to stay warm, you can always take layers off!

Bare feet or shoes?

Yoga is typically practiced barefoot. This is to enhance the sense of grounding in poses, strengthen the feet and maintain grip. In fitness classes shoes are recommended to protect the feet with the exception of ‘Strong Core’ as this class mainly derives from Pilates exercises.

What If I Have An Injury Or Medical Condition?

Firstly, you must have the all clear from your GP to exercise. After that, it’s important to listen to the contraindications given by the instructor, but most importantly you must listen to your body. Taking the options if needed, easing off or even stopping the class if you need to.

How Long Are Mindful Earth Online Classes?

The Yoga Studio has full hour classes, 45 minute classes and mini flows that are less than 30 minutes. Guided meditations are between 10 – 15 minutes. In the Fitness studio, HIIT and core classes are 30 minutes each, Bootcamp and Box FIIT are 45 minute classes.

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