Box FIIT… 

High intensity, boxing inspired, cardio and strength workouts designed to develop boxing technique and skill while getting a challenging, full body workout. 

1. Box FIIT Cardio

Punch, jump and kick past your cardio limits!

2. Box FIIT Skill

Work on your boxing technique while working up a sweat!

3. Box FIIT Blast

Powerful boxing combos plus strong lower body work!

4. Box FIIT Mix

Boxing combos, core and pyramids to challenge your limits!

5. Box FIIT Sweat

Burn, burn and burn…legs, abs and shoulders, lets go!

6. Box FIIT Strong

Create fire in the legs and intensity in your boxing combinations!

7. Box FIIT Tech

(30 mins) 

Let’s break down our technique and sweat it out at the same time!

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