Guided Meditation…

Short, guided meditations to cultivate self awareness, deepen relaxation, reduce stress and cleanse the mind.

1. Body Scan 1

Practice redirecting your focus to different parts of your body to create stillness in the mind and softness in the body.

2. Breath Awareness

Practice returning to the sensation of breath in the present moment to rest the mind in one place and slow your breathing. 

3. Noting Thoughts

Practice recognising the nature of your thoughts, learn that they are not real and you can stop negative thought loops.

4. Parts of Breath

Relax and allow yourself space to explore the 4 parts of your breath. 

5. 10 Counts

Find balance, ease and maintain focus while counting each breath. 

6. Body Scan 2

Experience the sensations within the body, pay attention to what you find, nothing needs to change.

7. Feel the Breath

Experience the sensation of your breath moment by moment, commit to this time to find space and clarity.

8. 4 in 4 out 

Help develop calm by giving the mind a continuous pattern to focus on.

9. Labelling Thought

Learn to create space between your thoughts and your ‘self’ by giving each thought a label.

10. In the Moment

Experience how developing a deeper awareness can help us relax into the present moment.

11. Mindfulness Body Scan

Rest your focus with your body and when you lose focus, just smile and come back.

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