Chair Yoga…

Designed to improve posture, reduce pain and enhance relaxation. In using a chair for support we can explore our yoga poses to increase flexibility and strength. Great for anyone with injuries, mobility issues and office workers!

1. Mobility

(30 mins)

Gentle chair yoga class focusing on mobilising the joints while steadying the breath and calming the mind.

2. Focus

(30 mins)

Gentle chair yoga class to develop and maintain focus and awareness of body, mind and breath.

3. Breathe

(30 mins)

Let’s explore how the breath can help us move and our movement can help us breathe.

4. Calm

(30 mins)

Let’s focus on developing, and maintaining a sense of calm through mindful movement and breath

5. Strength

(30 mins)

Let’s focus on strengthening the body while taking time to breathe fully and relax the mind.

6. Healthy Spine

(30 mins)

The body was designed to move, make your spine happy and healthy  with this gentle chair sequence.

7. Back to Basics

(30 mins)

A simple, complete chair yoga class to get the whole body moving and draw awareness to our breath.

8. Lower back Release

(45 mins)

Let’s move and breathe to release tension in the lower back while freeing up the joints.

9. Core Strength

(45 mins) 

A gentle yoga sequence incorporating core exercises to improve balance and stability.

10. Spinal Mobility

(45 mins)

Gentle class to increase the range of movement in the spine, shoulders and hips, great for easing back pain.

11. Lower Body Release

(30 mins)

Let’s develop range of motion and ease in the legs, hips and lower back.

12. Upper Body Release

(30 mins)

Let’s develop range of motion and ease in the shoulders, neck and upper back.

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