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Welcome to Mindful Earth’s Online Yoga Studio! This is your space to flow, stretch and breathe your body and mind into complete balance.

Yoga Flows…

Yoga flow classes combining Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin yoga styles, along with mindful awareness, breath work and meditation to develop strength, flexibility, self awareness and calm.

1. Flow with Breath

The breath helps us move and our movement helps us breathe.

2. Simple Flow

Restore the mind back to simplicity and peace.

3. Back to Basics

Discover the possibilities of a ‘beginners mind’.

4. Breathe and Flow

When we steady the breath, we steady the mind. 

5. Gentle Flow Yoga

Move slowly and be gentle, don’t force or judge, just be.

6. Yoga for Posture

Enhance your mood, reduce pain and breath better.

7. Hip Opening Flow

Happy hips = happy mind

8. Wake Up Flow

Cultivate awareness, refresh and renew.

9. Mindful Flow

Discover the peace  that comes with arriving in the moment.

10. Yoga for Core Strength

Your spine. Strong, protected and alive.

11. Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

Let’s enjoy the journey to touching our toes.

12. Yoga for Lower Back Release

A gentle flow to create space and ease in the lower spine.

Mini Flows…

1. Quick Flow

(25 mins)

3 sun salutation sequences to open up the whole body.

2. Wake Up Flow

(35 mins)

Wake up the spine with deep breathing and sun salutations.

Coming Soon…

3. Heart Opening Flow

Flow with back bends to open the heart and strengthen the back.

Coming Soon…

4. Energy Boost

Get the blood flowing and feel alive with this powerful flow sequence.

Balance Flows…

A seamless flow of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates moves combined to help develop physical strength, breath awareness, mental clarity and happiness.

1. Balance Flow

2. Balance Flow

3. Balance Flow

4. Balance Flow

5. Balance Flow

6. Balance Flow

7. Balance Flow

8. Balance Flow

9. Balance Flow

10. Balance Flow

11. Balance Flow

12. Balance Flow

Guided Meditation…

Short, guided meditations to cultivate self awareness, deepen relaxation, reduce stress and cleanse the mind.

1. Body Scan 1

Practice redirecting your focus to different parts of your body to create stillness in the mind and softness in the body.

2. Breath Awareness

Practice returning to the sensation of breath in the present moment to rest the mind in one place and slow your breathing. 

3. Noting Thoughts

Practice recognising the nature of your thoughts, learn that they are not real and you can stop negative thought loops.

4. Parts of Breath

Relax and allow yourself space to explore the 4 parts of your breath. 

5. 10 Counts

Find balance, ease and maintain focus while counting each breath. 

6. Body Scan 2

Experience the sensations within the body, pay attention to what you find, nothing needs to change.


7. Feel the Breath

Experience the sensation of your breath moment by moment, commit to this time to find space and clarity.

*Coming Soon…*

8. 4 in 4 out 

Help develop calm by giving the mind a continuous pattern to focus on.

*Coming Soon…*

9. Labelling Thought

Learn to create space between your thoughts and your ‘self’ by giving each thought a label.


Gentle Yoga…

Gentle restorative yoga classes, combining mindful movement and relaxation designed to increase mobility, reduce pain and encourage a sense of calm and clarity.


1. Mobility

Slow, gentle movements designed to create freedom in the joints to help reduce stress and move with ease.


2. Focus

Combine meditation with movement, feel every sensation to develop awareness and connection.


3. Breathe

Discover the power of your breath in your practice. Return to your breath, return to the present, feel complete.

Coming Soon…

4. Calm

Let’s develop calm and a better sense presence using the power of our breath and gentle movements.

Coming Soon…

5. Strength

A gentle class combining mindful flow and some strength work for the core, shoulders and legs.

Chair Yoga…

Designed to improve posture, reduce pain and enhance relaxation. In using a chair for support we can explore our yoga poses to increase flexibility and strength. Great for anyone with injuries, mobility issues and office workers!


1. Mobility (30 mins)

Gentle chair yoga class focusing on mobilising the joints while steadying the breath and calming the mind.


2. Focus

Gentle chair yoga class to develop and maintain focus and awareness of body, mind and breath.


3. Breathe

Let’s explore how the breath can help us move and our movement can help us breathe.


4. Calm

Let’s focus on developing, and maintaining a sense of calm through mindful movement and breath


5. Strength

Let’s focus on strengthening the body while taking time to breathe fully and relax the mind.


6. Healthy Spine

The body was designed to move, make your spine happy and healthy  with this gentle chair sequence.


7. Back to Basics

A simple, complete chair yoga class to get the whole body moving and draw awareness to our breath.


8. Lower back Release 

Let’s move and breathe to release tension in the lower back while freeing up the joints.

*Coming Soon*

9. Core Strength 

A gentle yoga sequence incorporating core exercises to improve balance and stability.

What do you need?

What’s missing? What would you like more of? Let me know what it is that you need and I’ll work on bringing in new focuses into your yoga studio classes! 

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